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We got back to the dog. Totilas from Cherniy Kumir has been our constant companion since December 6th, 2021. He came into the family at the age of six months.

The first Rottweiler came into the Claus family as early as 1976. For Renate it is the second Rottweiler after our first bitch died at the age of 15 months due to a medical error.

“Where to go on holiday with a dog?” We have hardly found a hotel in Germany or in other European countries that is suitably furnished for larger family dogs. The same applies to many holiday apartments and holiday homes are usually not designed for larger dogs.

“So where to go on holiday with a dog?” In this blog we tell you how we got into camping, which vehicle we finally decided on and why, how we now go on holiday with the dog and which places are so WAU that we report about them here at Outydogs.

Our plan is that by the end of July 2023 we will have built this page well enough for you to be satisfied. Please give us a few more days.

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